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Computer Science and Enginering Erasmus

Coordinator: Christos Markides
Location: CYTA Building, 1st floor, Room 1102
Erasmus Agreements: List of Universities


In this page you will find information and useful material for the Computer Science Erasmus Programme.

Erasmus Agreements

  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland,
    You can find information through the Metropolia Informaion Sheet and you can apply for Erasmus placement using the Metropolia Application form.
  • ESIEA, Ecole Superieure d'Informatique, Electronique, Automatique, France
  • University of Patras, Greece
  • Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen, Belgium
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Coventry University, UK
  • University of Central Greece
  • Technological Education Institute of Greece (Branch of Chania)

IP in Secure Web Applications

The Computer Science and Engineering Department is participating in the Erasmus Intensive Programme in Secure Web Applications.

The aim of the IP is to focus on "IT-security", a strategic area of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Increase the student and teaching staff mobility throughout Europe. Approximately 72 EU-students and 20 lecturers from 6 European universities. Furthermore the IP aims to reinforce the cooperation among universities and IT-security companies (Siemens AG, McAfee GmbH, Optima Business Information Technology GmbH), as well as train students to cooperate in international teams and thus gain intercultural social competences.

A team of students will be selected from the Computer Science and Engineering Department to participate for two weeks in the following courses: Information Security Threats, Web Application Attacks, Social Networks Security Threats, Network Security Vulnerabilities, Attacks on the Enterprise Network Platform Security, Develop Secure Network Applications, Protection of the Applications and of Network Access, and Context of IT Security.