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Fall 2014 Subjects

ACSC 110 - Freshman Computer Science

The course aims to introduce computer science students in the discipline of computing and computer science. The course considers the key concepts of modern computer systems. It also teaches the fundamentals of computer science as an introduction to the course.

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ACSC 182 - Programming Principles I

The course introduces Electrical Engineering students to the C programming language and some basic notions of data types, variables and constants, and more importantly the language syntax. The role of the C programming language as a tool for solving simple and complex mathematical and engineering problems is emphasised through practical work carried out.

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ACSC 271 - Operating Systems

The course considers the concepts of modern operating systems. It teaches abstracts of processes, CPU scheduling, memory management, file systems, and security. Implements applications based on UNIX (commands, syntax, programming). Discusses alternative operating systems, such as SunOS and Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000 and Windows XP with practical exercise on Linux OS and Windows.

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AENG 223 - Public Speech and Presentation

The module has a dual aim. Firstly it wishes to transfer to the student ethical behaviour and important ethical professional practices relevant to their field of study. Secondly, it aims at giving students the skills needed to become able to present in public in a way that is communicative and engages the audience.

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