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ACOE 301 ĖComputer Architecture II 


In this web space you may find lecture notes and other relevant material for the Fall 2013 semester on Computer Architecture II .

It is highly recommended for students to have the following lecture notes with them in hard copies in each and every lecture. In this respect, notes are provided in .ppt format and can be downloaded by right-clicking on each link. Not all lecture notes are currently available but they will become available in due time as the course progresses.

The notes provided must not be considered as a replacement of either attendance of lectures or study of the suggested textbooks. Their purpose is to assist you in your studying and provide you with guidelines on what you should be focusing on. You are encouraged to enhance notes with study from the recommended literature and web links.

The notes provided are constantly updated, therefore it is recommended to regularly check for updates.




Subject Information

Course Outline


Prerequisites: ACOE201






Right click on the following links to save the lecture notes on your PC, then print them.

Week #


Topics covered

Week 1



Introduction to computer design and technologies



Weeks 2-4

Lecture 1


Assembly Language Programming and Control Logic



Week 5

Lecture 2



Arithmetic and Logic Unit



Weeks 6







Lecture 3


Single-cycle CPU and Control Unit



Week 8

Lecture 4


Performance metrics





Week 9



Lecture 5






Week 10


Lecture 6


Cache memory



Week 11

Lecture 7


Virtual memory







Week 13











SPIM MIPS emulator download 


Assignment 1 : TBA



Laboratory work





Lab 1: Introduction to SPIM


Lab2: Arithmetic Instructions


Lab3: Logic Instructions


Lab4:Unsigned numbers


Lab5: Loops


Lab6: Loops 2



Lab7: Interrupts



Lab8: Subprograms













Lectures will be given in every class session and they will be based on the main textbook. The assignments and examinations will be based on the material covered in class. Students are advised to purchase the main textbook on which many topics of the course are covered. Students are also advised to review the extensive list of books offered at the FIT library on the subject.  

Main textbook  


  • Paterson, Hennessy, Computer Organisation and Design: the Hardware/Software Interface, Morgan Kaufman, 2003.


     M. Mano, C. R. Kime, Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, Prentice Hall, 2004

  • J. P. Hayes, Computer Architecture and Organization, 3Ed, McGraw Hill., 1998