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ACSC524-Distributed Embedded Systems 


In this web space you may find lecture notes and other relevant material for the Spring 2014 semester on Distributed Embedded systems.

The notes provided must not be considered as a replacement of either attendance of lectures or study of the suggested textbooks. Their purpose is to assist you in your studying and provide you with guidelines on what you should be focusing on. You are encouraged to enhance notes with study from the recommended literature and web links.

The notes provided are constantly updated, therefore it is recommended to regularly check for updates.




Subject Information

Course outline


Prerequisites: None  






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Week #


Topics covered

Week 1

Lecture 1


Introduction to distributed real-time embedded systems



Week 2



Lecture 2


 Embedded System Requirements, Specification and modeling


Weeks 3-4

Lecture 3


The ARM embedded microprocessor



Week 5

Lecture 4


Sensor technology – interfacing with sensors



Week 6

Lecture 5: Program Design and Analysis


Performance, code size and power estimation and optimization



Week 7

Lecture 6: Optimal C code for ARM


Guidelines for type declarations, loops functions and arithmetic operations



Week 8

High-Level code transformations


High-level language code transformations for performance, code size, regularity, parallelism













Practice Exercises





Assignment 1


Assignment 2





Main textbook