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Frederick University

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meDr. Nicoletta Christodoulou is a Lecturer of Education, Curriculum Studies and Instruction at the School of Education at Frederick University. She joined the faculty of Education in 2007. Prior to this appointment she was lecturer at Frederick Institute of Technology, Cyprus (2005-2007), evaluator for the Council on Teacher Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) (2004-2005) and Research Assistant at the same university (2002-2005). She teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses, including Educational Evaluation and Program Evaluation, Curriculum Development, Theory and Methodology of Teaching, the School Environment and its Organization, School Experience, Theory and Methodology of Teaching, Introduction to the Pedagogical Sciences, History of Education, and Comparative Education. She has Ph.D. in Education with focus in Curriculum Studies and Instruction (2005), and Master’s degree in Education with focus in Instructional Leadership (2001) from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She also has Bachelors in Early Childhood Education (1999) from the University of Cyprus. Her doctoral dissertation study entitled ‘Teachers’ curriculum theories unveiled through the arts’ involves teasing out the role of artistic texts in shaping the thinking of educators at every level.



She is a member of many professional and scientific associations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, the American Educational Research Association, the American Educational Studies Association, the Curriculum and Pedagogy, the European Association of Curriculum Studies, and the International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (IAACS). She was the Cyprus representative at the IAACS. She is the project and scientific coordinator and member of various research projects, including “The Cyprus Oral History and Living Memory Project” ( She also worked on two large multimillion-dollar projects, entitled ‘Scientists, Kids, and Teachers’ (SKIT), a GK-12 partnership with Chicago Public Schools funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), conducting evaluation and research activities, particularly dealing with issues of urban and multicultural education and critical interplays in understanding the intertwining of subject matter and pedagogy, especially in math and science education. She is a member of editorial boards of scientific journals and reviewer of proposals at international conferences; she has over 30 presentations at International Conferences and scientific publications in refereed Journals.


Her research interests, which are all driven by her passion to create more humane schools and a more just social order, include: oral history; the organization of valuable and meaningful experiences for pre- service and in-service teachers to use in their teaching theory and practice; teachers’ understandings; the politics of education within multiple educational settings (i.e. intertextual, urban, diverse, and multicultural); artistic inquiries that encourage curricular and educational theorizing; educational and life experiences that arouse pedagogical and curricular examinations; teacher and student identities and lore; student conceptual understandings; the study of the way particular catastrophies in the world, mostly of political nature with social dimensions, affect individual teacher’s lives and their theorizing about their work; and students’ and teachers’ critical thinking development.


Her current projects include the pedagogy of refugee-ness and cosmopolitanism in education, project based learning, oral history, use of videoconferencing for enhancing student teachers’ understanding of otherness, distance learning, crisis and entrepreneurship and innovation, and curricular understandings and reflections on films based on cultural assumptions.

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